Zartech is a UK based company providing technology commercialisation support, technology market intelligence and innovation management services to a range of private and public sector clients.

Our strength is the combination of market knowledge, technical know-how and an extensive network along supply chains in industry and academia. This allows us to provide up to date and in-depth insight that helps inform technology commercialisation decisions. We are also experienced at building and running innovation programmes. We help public sector organisations develop and deliver approaches for supporting longer-term exploitation of science and technology and knowledge exchange.

What do we do?

Zartech provides a range of services to high-tech start-ups and spin-outs, universities, public sector organisations supporting R&D and knowledge exchange and to technology intensive corporations. These include:

  • New market identification and opportunity evaluation
  • Partnership development and collaboration management
  • Business plan, bid and R&D proposal development
  • Technology roadmapping
  • Innovation strategy development and implementation
  • Best practice in creating and running networks
  • Knowledge exchange event development and delivery
  • Business case development for investment in science and facilities
  • Technology sourcing
  • Emerging technology reviews

Some examples

Zartech has worked for a range of clients including small high-tech start-ups, university spin-outs, large corporates, public sector research institutes and government bodies that are seeking to better support innovation and technology or science exploitation. We have carried out assignments for international clients in Europe and beyond.

Market or opportunity evaluation

We have helped many start-ups, university spin-outs and large technology-based companies to make decisions on technology exploitation. We carried out various market evaluation, development partner evaluation and assessment of entry opportunities type assignments in the areas of lasers, nanotechnologies, materials, photovoltaics, medical devices, thermoelectric devices, lidar technology, gas sensors and instrumentation.

Bid development

Have developed bids and secured funding for the formation of a number of networks and organisations. These have included the Energy Harvesting Network, an ERDF funded biomedical innovation network and an aerospace focussed knowledge transfer network. Have also developed a range of proposals for industrial collaborative R&D funding.

Business case development

Led a consultation & capability mapping effort to determine the case for a new Catapult Centre for Innovate UK. Helped develop the business case that resulted in the establishment of a university research institute in the field of biosensing. Helped develop the knowledge transfer and spin-off benefits elements of the investment case for the South African government in the precursor stage (MeerKAT) of the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

Technology Roadmapping

Delivered strategic technology roadmapping services for activities in the areas of the Virtual Physiological Human, Energy Harvesting Technologies and Conversational Interactive Technologies as well as for individual companies and research organisations.

Network development

We have set up and supported networks of companies and academics in sensors, energy harvesting, imaging technologies and biomedical technologies. This has included securing funds, network building, programme development and initial management support.

Business opportunity development

Support to Department of International Trade to improve UK business opportunities from a range of multi £bn, long term, international Big Science projects. Strategic and operational intervention to support UK negotiation and company access. Main focus on ITER and SKA projects.

Delivering innovation programmes

Provided interim management services running the Sensors & Instrumentation Knowledge Transfer Network. Ensured success at mid-term review securing on-going funding. Have delivered innovation support services for various knowledge transfer networks.


Developed and managed events in topics ranging across intelligent sensors, imaging technologies, energy harvesting, medical technology, medical device commercialisation, environmental crime, data privacy, technology investment.

Emerging technology studies

Produced research and interview-based reports on challenges of taking sensing technologies into medical applications, and on energy harvesting technologies covering industrial need, key issues and barriers to commercial application.

Sectors and technologies

Zartech is experienced across multiple technology areas and applications sectors. Some examples include:

  • Sensors (all types)
  • Instrumentation
  • Spectroscopy
  • Photonic sources
  • Imaging
  • Detectors
  • Measurement
  • Enabling technologies for sensing e.g. wireless, energy harvesting, data analysis and standards

Application has been in sectors as diverse as security, oil & gas, petrochemical, sustainable energy, electronics, environment, food processing, health, aerospace and leading edge Big Science facilities.

Working with you

We pride ourselves on doing work that has an impact on our clients business and exceeds their expectations in delivery. Our reputation is key with most business being sourced through referrals. It is important that you feel comfortable working with us so we guarantee confidentiality and a commitment to delivering high quality results.

We thrive on variety so have the flexibility to accept a range of project sizes and durations including very short assignments when speed and timing is critical. Longer term commitments to supporting clients are also common. We are happy to work for you directly or through various publicly funded initiatives where this helps leverage other resources.

Whilst we regularly deploy a number of proven tools and techniques to analyse and address your issues and seek to apply our own experience and expertise, we firmly believe that there is no substitute for accessing the knowledge and expertise of others. For this we utilise the many networks in which we are involved or have established. We also aim to leave you better networked by the end of the assignment.


Zartech Ltd was founded in 2007 by Simon Aliwell. He has led teams providing innovation management services and consultancy to industry, government and academia and founded and run a number of technology networks. He has worked extensively with companies, large and small, to help access technology, markets and both public and private sector finance.

Simon has a background in sensors and instrumentation technology research and further experience in technology commercialisation. He has developed new sensor and instrumentation technologies and has experience in the application of sensing and instrumentation in sectors as diverse as healthcare, security, environmental, process industry and leading edge science as well as a good knowledge of a wide range of other technologies and their application.

Simon has a PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from London Business School.

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